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Ever been between a rock and a hard place such that you badly need a mobile phone contract but somehow the state of your credit score is your biggest undoing? Have you in the past moaned and wailed simply because a phone contract is out of your reach. Have you been looking for the ultimate solution to your long-standing problem of bad credit and constant rejections? Well, relax as you’ve come to the right place. Here at Stanley Phones, we’ve got your back covered. We primarily offer mobile phone contracts to UK customers struggling with bad credit and who from time immemorial have been victims of rejections every time they sought to be approved for a phone contract.

As a top tier bad credit mobile phonesbad credit mobile phones provider, we believe that no single UK individual should be denied an opportunity for a contract simply because they have a credit rating that is not attractive. We strongly believe that everyone should be given equal opportunities and that everyone deserves a second chance irrespective of how their past financial history is. With so many providers in the UK market, we continue to lead from the front and can say without a doubt that we have been at the forefront of assisting UK citizens with a poor credit rating snag a phone contract.

Our entry into the UK market was informed by the need to co-opt or rather bring on board customers who for a long time had been victims of embarrassment and rejections. We strongly ascribe to the belief that each and every single individual deserves to own a mobile phone the state of their credit rating notwithstanding. I mean, just look around. Our mobile phones are without a doubt an extension of ourselves so much so that leaving your phone at home massively affects your operations.

We understand that you probably had financial difficulties in the past and we endeavour to give you a second opportunity to make things right rather than judging you. Our bad credit mobile phones are unlike any other in the market. Why do we say so? Well, for one, we take the issue of affordability seriously. We understand that the bulk of our customers for bad credit mobile phones are struggling financially and therefore our core objective is to set the price as affordable as possible.

Secondly, diversification is one of the reasons we continue to remain at the top in the UK market. We understand that our customers have different needs, have different tastes and also have different preferences. In that regard, we endeavour to provide our customers different types of mobile phones. It doesn’t matter the type or brand of phone you need under bad credit mobile phones. We promise you that we have everything you need.

Thirdly, we ensure that each and every single need of our customers are met. our strong forte is the excellent and professional customer services that we believe in. we endeavour to respond to communications in the shortest time possible, resolve complaints and above all, take into consideration the feedback that our customers share with us.

We are not all about approving bad credit mobile phone applications but rather put in place strong measures to ensure that our customers make prudent financial decisions. We do not want our customers to get deeper into debt by making wrong financial decisions and this explains why our customer representatives are always willing to offer money advice. We believe that a financially stable customer means repeat business for us and this explains why we are always doing everything possible to assist our customers from all walks of life. Have you been rejected so many times that you’ve lost count? Well, how about you try us today? We promise you won’t be disappointed.